Silent Plea

Round and round,At a dizzying pace,My world keeps spinning,Going around on this carousel of despair,And it's another night,Where I keep spiraling,Down into the pits of sorrow,Drowning in a familiar loneliness,A wave of lethargy that crashes into me,Bit by bit,Things lose their charm,It's all dull and mundane,My world tarnished by a tar-like grey, I'm always rooted... Continue Reading →


You seem to be struggling lately, The furrows deep in your brow, And withered up skin, Is quite telling in itself. I've been watching you for quite some time now, But there's something different about you. You've changed, In more ways than one, Become so disturbingly silent, And unaware, You wander around mindlessly, It's gotten... Continue Reading →

A Pleasant Day

Do you ever have one of those days, When you feel good for no real reason? In rare moments like these, From when I opened my eyes, Everything around feels pleasant, Clear skies and chirpy birds, World is wrapped by cozy rays of the bright sun, And that greyness I'd been so familiar with, Remains... Continue Reading →


The familiarity, And bleakness of it all, Only this dark situation that I've known all my life, I don't say it often, I try to hide it to the best of my ability, I've learnt to live with it, But every so often this feeling comes crashing into me again, So intense that I don't... Continue Reading →

The Girl From The Bar

The girl sitting by the bar, I've noticed she's been eyeing me for quite a while now, She's the one by the window, In the white crop top, And enticing fishnets to match, She's probably alone, Downing glasses while still gauging me, Not from the corner of her eyes. No, I see her look straight... Continue Reading →


Through the night, The space on the bed beside me, It was warm just a while ago, But by dawn, That warmth faded, Vanished and in its place, a scattered blanket and a ruffled up pillow, Only a lingering smell left behind, It's the same story every night. There was a time when I'd consider... Continue Reading →


Hanging delicately by the laces tied together, Suspended through the deceitful air, One keeps the other from being knocked down on to the hard floor when a cruel gust of wind passes by, Through the warm sunshine and cold rainfall, Supporting each other, A pair of shoes that's out of my grasp, Almost tauntingly. They... Continue Reading →


A secret hidden deep within myself, Stashed in a cavern, buried in a spot known only to me, and forever away from the light of this world, Come closer, I'll let you in on it, And maybe you can tell me if you feel similarly. Are you afraid of being left behind by everyone? Forgotten... Continue Reading →

Sorrow of Soul

Shouting at the sky, Oh, someone please put me out my misery. Lead me through this blinding darkness, Or leave me to rot by myself, Nothing really excites me anymore, End of the road, where do I go next? Lost in my own skin, suffocating, You can only watch on helplessly. Shouting at myself to... Continue Reading →

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