The Nile

The sight of this familiar ocean,Far as the eye can see,It haunts me,Every day,From when I wake up,And when I fight for sleep,I find myself stranded in the same place,In the midst of a dark ocean,With nothing to grab hold,The waves that are your memories,They rock me through the night,Leaving me sleepless,They became the cause... Continue Reading →

The Meeting

It was a cold, Saturday night, The alleys were lively and the streets well-lit. In the middle of a busy club, Low, flashy lights and loud music blaring from the boom-box, Surrounded by sweaty bodies, And general merriment all around. Swaying to the beat, Me and my friends, We thought this would be the ideal... Continue Reading →


I saw you in the park the other day, While you were walking, I don't think you knew, Weren't you there with someone? There was an arm around your back, A guy I couldn't recognize, Surely, he isn't your new boyfriend? I'm not asking you to take me back, I know you still don't like... Continue Reading →

An Impossible Love

Everyday I keep staring at you from a small distance. The embodiment of perfection, You just stand there with your innumerable friends, playing with your hair, unaware of my presence. Even among the crowd, your beauty stands out. An unrivaled elegance, A source of envy for every other girl present and a being commanding admiration... Continue Reading →

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