In The Clouds

'Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. Have a pleasant flight!', The service announcement echoes loud and clear inside the cabin, I dread these journeys, I yawn sleepily preparing myself for the long six hours before me, While the stewardess gestures instructions with her elaborate hand movements, I lazily look around, I'm trapped between two... Continue Reading →

Insatiable Greed

She's sitting on the couch next to me, Behind the drawn curtains, the sun is setting in the horizon, Descending slowly and painting the world a mellow orange, I can't stop myself from turning her to face me, You can watch your dramas some other time, Look at me for now, She smiles coyly and... Continue Reading →

Middle of the Night

In the middle of the night, When I was already deep asleep, I could feel something graze my thighs, Something soft and delicate, Being touched by something and I felt colder, More exposed somehow, Being held by someone in the dark while I couldn't still comprehend this feeling, It's both warm and cool at the... Continue Reading →

An Eternal Love

Another one of those glorious nights that I'm so accustomed to yet never full of, to see you already gesture me from a distance, being pulled into a corner and then being pushed on the bed while you descend slowly, almost dramatically, taking your rightful place over me and meeting your lips with mine as... Continue Reading →

Tennis Lawn

In an open meadow, By the tennis lawns, Where she is standing, A racquet gripped in her hands, Dressed in a white polo that covers her tight, And a flowing navy blue skirt that flirts with the summer breeze, Complete with a pair of sneakers. The smell of freshly cut grass is intoxicating, Watching her... Continue Reading →

Mystery Lover

Diagonally opposite to me, In the midst of a circle, Sitting cross-legged, She's wearing a corduroy shirt left unbuttoned, A casual white tee underneath, And black shorts that end at her lower thighs, She has straight, black hair down to her waist, Hazel eyes that smile brighter than her lips when she laughs. The bottle... Continue Reading →

Spoilt Youth

A foggy puff of smoke escapes your breath, The toke that we share, It's gripped loosely between your fingers, After a few puffs, you pass it to me, The rim of it is still moist from your wet lips as I take it in mine, Jazz music floating in the isolated room, Just a while... Continue Reading →

Kiss & Make Up

Lately, it just seems we're going in circles, Trivial fights, Silly arguments that end up going nowhere. When you argue with me over the most petty issues, All you do is nag, nag and nag, I'm no different either. Flying in a rage for no reason at all, All we do is get on each... Continue Reading →

Wandering Nights

Golden hair casually let down, There's nothing wrong with it, It's just that their scent is making me drowsy. Ripped jeans and that top, Isn't it cut too low? I'm not saying I don't like it, But my eyes keep wandering there, Provoking my imagination. The way you walk, Swinging your hips with each stride,... Continue Reading →

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