Forgotten Kingdom

Under the foggy air, Piercing through the hazy mist, Diving deep into the troubled, infinite ocean, It's lifeless, Scanty coral reefs and sparse marsh distorting the gaze of the rare visitor, A realm unknown, Mysteries galore, Contrary to what's said, Both time and tide seem to be at a standstill here. Shrouded in different shades... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Block

Some days, it's easier to burn through pages, Set them alight with this ink, Transcribing thoughts seamlessly without having to erase every other letter, The blueprint is already laid out in my mind as I jot it down, Connecting the dots, Or the boxes I keep locked and stashed away in my mind, An ammunition... Continue Reading →


All my life I was constantly told, That I wasn't anything special, To the point I even hear these cruel words whispered to me by my reflection in the mirror each morning, And screamed at by my mind every night before I fall asleep, No matter what I do, It's never good enough, Something is... Continue Reading →


I try to keep stuff bottled up inside, Buried under the surface, away from everyone's eyes, But every so often, When it becomes impossible to bear, Something is bound to slip out, it's only inevitable, When you look at me with those steely eyes and a grimace that's grown characteristic to you, Your disapproving and... Continue Reading →


Tied & dangling by a thin strand of fate, Around me, the world is at a standstill, A deafening silence all around, Hours roll by, I'm still lonely and cold, Restless and uncomfortable, A daily plight I'm all too familiar with, Hidden from everyone else. Knowing it will always be this way, Hope seems bleak,... Continue Reading →


Hours turn to days, A certain regret that's always followed me around, Pretending to be fine, Pretending everything is going to be alright, Yes, my thoughts are too overwhelming. But with a stifled mouth, I still carry on, Respite seems distant, There's no time to wallow in self pity, Hoping someday this pain will cease,... Continue Reading →


The hallways are getting narrower, Step after step, I've been walking through this dreaded corridor since the past 4 years now, Was I just walking in a giant circle all this time? The walls are translucent, All happy faces over the other side, Not one looking at my haggard self. Pay heed to me, Let... Continue Reading →

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