The Nile

The sight of this familiar ocean,Far as the eye can see,It haunts me,Every day,From when I wake up,And when I fight for sleep,I find myself stranded in the same place,In the midst of a dark ocean,With nothing to grab hold,The waves that are your memories,They rock me through the night,Leaving me sleepless,They became the cause... Continue Reading →


I find myself falling in your thoughts again, Under the starry sky which I look upon, In the middle of the night, It's got me wondering, Do you still think about me too? Are you looking up at the same sky, Every single night, Like I still do? The sad songs I've plugged in, They... Continue Reading →

Unattainable Closure

How many years has it been? Five? Six? Why is it that I still lament the time I let you walk out of my life without even letting you know just how I feel about you? How did I just let you go without even trying? It doesn't matter that we never even had a... Continue Reading →

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