Drowning, In my thirst, Of you, It takes over me completely, Seeing you, In front of me, Wearing what you're wearing, You know it drives me crazy, This temptation for yourself, You build it up so masterfully, I know it gives you a thrill, Watching me fall for you like this, A bit more, With... Continue Reading →

Imposing Silhouette

Both hands pressed, Against my chest, Your palms leave their traces, And your back arches, Head thrown back, Loud and delightful moans, Come out your lips, Bringing the small room alive, You shine bright even in the darkness. The firmness of your grasp, And your body's heat, Resuscitate my soul, The tips of your open,... Continue Reading →

Midnight Strolls

I like nights like these, When I'm walking under the starry skies with you, The crescented moon illuminating these lonely streets, And your fingers intertwined in mine, It's nights like these, When I wish our paths are longer, That our house doesn't come until it's dawn, There's a certain pleasure, In just being able to... Continue Reading →

A Waltz

The shows she puts on, On those very few, Occasional nights, I live for them. Nights in which, She's the center, To the rhythm that she moves, If elegance were personified, It'd take her form, In tune with the light music from the speakers, She makes my room her own stage. Fluid movements, Almost silk... Continue Reading →


There, On the sheets is an exquisite panorama, Your outstretched self takes up my bed, From head to foot, You've been waiting for me, Lying there while striking a pose, Head on one hand, While the other was by your side, Moving along your form. You tap the mattress with a finger, Inviting me over,... Continue Reading →

Sensuous Touches

In the room, Amidst heavy breathing, Interspersed moans in between, And the shifting shadows, The origin of two silhouettes, You and I, Nothing left to strip, I reach out to you, Just like you do to me. Those slender fingers of yours, They've wrapped themselves around me, Making me hotter, They move by themselves, Up... Continue Reading →


I snuck out my house at the strike of midnight, Through the dark alleys and abandoned boulevards, Earnestly jogging 4 blocks to reach your doorstep, Checked my breath and fixed my clothes, Rang the doorbell to your empty house, As you opened, Pulling me inside, unseen, Bolting the door shut behind us. I see you... Continue Reading →


Amidst the sound of papers turning, The occasional groans from the girl in my room, She sits beside me in bed, A lock of hair messily strewn in front of her right eye, She brushes it impatiently behind her ear, Looking down the same book as me, Each time I feel her hand rub against... Continue Reading →

The Proposal

It's been quite some time already, Three or four years? When I first saw you, The moment we first started walking together, But it seems like it was just yesterday, It's funny really, Earlier, it was as if I was caught in a rut, The hands of the clock seemed frozen stiff. But now, when... Continue Reading →

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