A Lonely Weekend

In a familiar neighbourhood,On another lonely weekend,I find myself standing outside your door again,It's hard to remember how I ended up here.Of all the places,I keep being drawn to you.Maybe I drank too much again,All I know is,My attempts to block you out,Only brought me closer to you again. Hesitatingly,I ring that bell,Unsure of what... Continue Reading →


A mirage in the distance,She comes to me every night,That image of hers I carry with me,No matter how much it hurt me,I will still hold on to it dearly,Even if what they say is true,And letting it go would be sanity,I will still persist,Without any expectations of my love ever being reciprocated,Because that's not... Continue Reading →

The Nile

The sight of this familiar ocean,Far as the eye can see,It haunts me,Every day,From when I wake up,And when I fight for sleep,I find myself stranded in the same place,In the midst of a dark ocean,With nothing to grab hold,The waves that are your memories,They rock me through the night,Leaving me sleepless,They became the cause... Continue Reading →

The Letter

An unopened envelope lays on my dresser, One from years ago, It brings back so many memories, The pain associated with it, And the regrets. I remember when I first wrote it, Wracking my brain for hours on end, Taking care to write as beautifully as I possibly could, A hundred crumpled papers which I... Continue Reading →


I find myself falling in your thoughts again, Under the starry sky which I look upon, In the middle of the night, It's got me wondering, Do you still think about me too? Are you looking up at the same sky, Every single night, Like I still do? The sad songs I've plugged in, They... Continue Reading →

Elusive Closure

When I reached out my hand to pick up a carton of milk off the department shelf, I thought I was the only one in this aisle, But I felt something warm and familiar briefly graze my skin, A pallid wrist with sleeves pulled up halfway to reveal a few bracelets hanging loosely off it,... Continue Reading →


It's been so long, You were almost a forgotten memory, Just when I stopped seeing your face round every place I went and every corner I turned, It wasn't so much that you lost that effect on me as it was the fact that the thought of you was too overwhelming, I'm still in that... Continue Reading →


In the distance, An orange horizon, The meek rays of the sun fight to keep the world lit, It grows faint and slowly but surely, darkness is setting in, She's standing by my side at the shore while I'm seated on the golden sand, Overcome with emotion, neither of us willing to speak first, Only... Continue Reading →

Solitary Star

The streets outside the window, They're so empty, Wrapped in strange melancholy, Noiseless and at a standstill, It's dead all around. It hasn't been that long yet, You said you'd be happy, You asked me not to worry, In that scrawly handwriting, Words that still continue to haunt, You implored me to not blame you,... Continue Reading →


Like Icarus soaring through the alluring expanse, Getting carried away by the swift wind, Giving in to his temptation and desires, I found myself blindly falling for you. The line between right and wrong seems just a blur now. It's a long fall down now but I've already lost the will to fight you off.... Continue Reading →

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