A New Chapter

The path ahead that is shrouded in darkness,Bent branches and bushy forages obstruct my view,An air of uncertainty draped by the winds,The road ahead stretches into the horizon,Unclear as ever,It splits into a multitude of alleys,Which will take me the furthest?What path is most accommodating?All leading to destinations unknown,With nothing to choose between them,Taking a... Continue Reading →

For a Day…

It's been quite some time, Yet you still are the way you were when I last saw you, Downcast and downtrodden, Caged away in your depression, I know it gnawed away at you slowly, In the shadows, It chipped away until you were one with the darkness, It's pointless now, Devoid of any meaning, But... Continue Reading →

If I Were Her…

If I were her, would I look at me differently? With a different perspective, Would I be able to alter reality? Or will it still remain as it is, Set in stone, I have so many unanswered questions. If I were her, what would be the first thing I'd notice? Out of millions of things... Continue Reading →


In this limitless maze, It runs deeper, Labyrinth in another labyrinth, I'm not sure if there is any way out, Is this just one big dead-end? The corridors grow narrower, Roof seems to get lower, Until there's no room to stand, The air is dusty and heavy, It gets harder to breathe, I'm already suffocating.... Continue Reading →

All By Myself

It's the start of another cold winter, The trees are withering away, Leaves scattered, The branches are all barren. Everything is being covered in a gloomy white, The days are getting shorter, Darkness all around. While sitting on a bench all by myself, I make out two figures from afar, Under the dim glow of... Continue Reading →


Even after careful contemplation, I still can't understand it. I've only read about it and seen it in other people. Will I ever be able to experience it for myself? What even is happiness? It seems like such a foreign concept to me. Is happiness only a momentary feeling? Or is it like a cozy... Continue Reading →

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