With You

The glow of the night lamp,It shines bright on your pretty, little face,Making you look so radiant,This sight that I see every night,But can never get enough of,When the two of us end our day,Just you being next to me,It makes me feel comfortable,Your presence evokes a special kind of warmth,Hearing you talk about your... Continue Reading →


You crawl on all fours,Making your way across the room,No footsteps,Full of grace and almost glidingly,The red flokati carpet tickles your palms and knees,From one end of the room to the other,In just those fishnets which reveal everything to me,You come closer to where I'm sitting,With a finger on your chin,I make you look up... Continue Reading →

A Lonely Weekend

In a familiar neighbourhood,On another lonely weekend,I find myself standing outside your door again,It's hard to remember how I ended up here.Of all the places,I keep being drawn to you.Maybe I drank too much again,All I know is,My attempts to block you out,Only brought me closer to you again. Hesitatingly,I ring that bell,Unsure of what... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Dip

My fingertips,They find their way in the dark,They are pulled,In your direction,An inexplicable urge takes over,Unguided,They still make a path straight to you,Your welcoming silhouette that keeps taunting me,Warm and soft to the touch,You react to my every move.Each flick,As does every squeeze,It probes a reaction from you. With your breath lingering in my ear,It's... Continue Reading →

Summer Heat

A distinct, mild scent floats in the room,Unmistakably familiar,The raw fragrance you exude,As soon as you walk in the room,Covered in sweat,From head to toe,Patches that show so visibly,Rendering your clothes translucent,On a hot, summer day in mid-June,When you've been working out for more than an hour,Just a small glance at you,And I can already... Continue Reading →


The fragrant smell of the scented candles filled the room,Curtains drawn end-to-end, Veiling us in secrecy,Words she whispered so softly in my ear,Whilst her fingers danced over my chest,Tenderly making their way downwards,She seized my attentive heart,While looking straight in my drowsy eyes, Pulling on its strings,After blowing ever so slightly in my ear, I... Continue Reading →


Since the day I first saw you,I knew,It would always be you,It was fate,From the first glance so many years ago,I still remember just how mesmerised I was,Because even after so much time has passed,I still feel the same way,The same butterflies,And my breath stops for a second,Just like it used to,The familiar way my... Continue Reading →

Broken Promise

It started off innocently enough, You led me away from the prying eyes, Through the camouflaging darkness of your room, Leaving behind the loud party, For the comfort of your bed, We were two strangers, Drawn to each other by an inexplicable attraction, Caught in heat, The promise we made, We both said it wouldn't... Continue Reading →

A Good Morning

Your voice, Breathes life into me, Every morning, When I open my eyes, To the first rays of the sun, Your soft, melodic tone, Crooning softly, As you sit there by yourself, Combing your hair, Running the brush the entire length. You have me raptured, The sight of your calming eyes through the mirror, The... Continue Reading →

A Waltz

The shows she puts on, On those very few, Occasional nights, I live for them. Nights in which, She's the center, To the rhythm that she moves, If elegance were personified, It'd take her form, In tune with the light music from the speakers, She makes my room her own stage. Fluid movements, Almost silk... Continue Reading →

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