The silhouette of that woman who stands so far away,At the break of dawn,She's always the furthest,An old figure,Wrinkles and frail,Scars and marks,A repulsive sight,It's during the mornings and afternoons when her voice sounds distant,Cracked and not worth paying heed to. This same woman,She's been following me for as long as I can remember,Unseen by... Continue Reading →

The Tree

The branches of that unusual tree,They haunt everything in the immediate vicinity.This enshrouding forest comprises of just one element,That long-aged tree,The one which should have been axed a long time ago,Yet there it stands,Grotesque,Disfigured,And oh so completely twisted,Sending chills down the spine of the beholder,It's such an ugly sight. Bent over,The frail branches stoop so... Continue Reading →


A mirage in the distance,She comes to me every night,That image of hers I carry with me,No matter how much it hurt me,I will still hold on to it dearly,Even if what they say is true,And letting it go would be sanity,I will still persist,Without any expectations of my love ever being reciprocated,Because that's not... Continue Reading →


Being chased by a shadow each night,I can feel its heavy breath on my shoulder,Numbingly cold,And unmistakably similar,It's got me backed into a corner,Against the wall with no escape route,The raspy voice grows in my ear,Piercing right into my brain,'You're not good enough.',It insists,'You'll never be.'. With fingers around my throat,I find myself unable to... Continue Reading →

Silent Plea

Round and round,At a dizzying pace,My world keeps spinning,Going around on this carousel of despair,And it's another night,Where I keep spiraling,Down into the pits of sorrow,Drowning in a familiar loneliness,A wave of lethargy that crashes into me,Bit by bit,Things lose their charm,It's all dull and mundane,My world tarnished by a tar-like grey, I'm always rooted... Continue Reading →

The Nile

The sight of this familiar ocean,Far as the eye can see,It haunts me,Every day,From when I wake up,And when I fight for sleep,I find myself stranded in the same place,In the midst of a dark ocean,With nothing to grab hold,The waves that are your memories,They rock me through the night,Leaving me sleepless,They became the cause... Continue Reading →

A Pleasant Day

Do you ever have one of those days, When you feel good for no real reason? In rare moments like these, From when I opened my eyes, Everything around feels pleasant, Clear skies and chirpy birds, World is wrapped by cozy rays of the bright sun, And that greyness I'd been so familiar with, Remains... Continue Reading →

After You…

This regret, Has chased me around, For long enough, Like a shadow, It's vicious fingers, Tightening their grip around my neck. It's left me exhausted, Weary, And oh so depressed. I didn't realize it'd be this way, I thought I could be strong, But I'm sorry, This pain has left me completely drained. So tired,... Continue Reading →


The familiarity, And bleakness of it all, Only this dark situation that I've known all my life, I don't say it often, I try to hide it to the best of my ability, I've learnt to live with it, But every so often this feeling comes crashing into me again, So intense that I don't... Continue Reading →

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