Drowning, In my thirst, Of you, It takes over me completely, Seeing you, In front of me, Wearing what you're wearing, You know it drives me crazy, This temptation for yourself, You build it up so masterfully, I know it gives you a thrill, Watching me fall for you like this, A bit more, With... Continue Reading →


I couldn't help but notice you from the corner all the way over there, Haven't we met before, I seem to remember you from somewhere. Did you come here with your boyfriend? Or is it a girl's night out? You have really pretty eyes, they compliment your brown hair, No, I really do mean it.... Continue Reading →


In my room, Over the floral sheets, She's already waiting for me, In a laced, pink corset, Striking a pose, Why bother, you look gorgeous no matter how you sit. Resting her face against one hand, And holding an open jar of Nutella with the other, She beckons me over . With a finger, She... Continue Reading →

A Dance

The knob to the door twists open, Keys clicking together and in we walk, hand in hand. A pleasant aroma greeting us, The smell of home. Flicking the light switch open and going into the bedroom together. While you stand in front of the mirror, Taking off your earrings and letting your hair free, Still... Continue Reading →

Bound Up

At the end of a short nap, While slowly opening my eyes, A light yawn, Trying to cover it up with a hand only to realize they're bound. With a quick look around, My wrists and legs are tied up to the frame of the bed, The lights are dim, Vanilla scented candles fill the... Continue Reading →


From the very beginning of the night, You've made it pretty clear to me, That it doesn't mean anything, We're only just playing around, No strings attached, Just a primal way to have a good time, That you and I will never possibly be a reality. With that out of the way, You drive me... Continue Reading →

A Birthday

At the birthday of a mutual friend's was when I first saw her, She was laughing with her friends about something, Something about her voice and gestures, She stood out from the rest. I couldn't walk up to her, Quite uncharacteristic of me but I felt intimidated by her. So I just watched from afar... Continue Reading →

Breakfast In Bed

With the first rays of the sun penetrating the horizon, As the orange light floods in through the window, From in-between the cracks of the curtain, As it expels the darkness away, I feel an unusual weight over me, Something seems to be weighing me down, I gently open my eyes with a yawn. I... Continue Reading →

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