The fragrant smell of the scented candles filled the room,Curtains drawn end-to-end, Veiling us in secrecy,Words she whispered so softly in my ear,Whilst her fingers danced over my chest,Tenderly making their way downwards,She seized my attentive heart,While looking straight in my drowsy eyes, Pulling on its strings,After blowing ever so slightly in my ear, I... Continue Reading →


There, On the sheets is an exquisite panorama, Your outstretched self takes up my bed, From head to foot, You've been waiting for me, Lying there while striking a pose, Head on one hand, While the other was by your side, Moving along your form. You tap the mattress with a finger, Inviting me over,... Continue Reading →


A light alien to this flashy world, In a city corrupt with distorted noise, She's the soothing music which stands out, A visual treat and she stimulates the mind, Just the way she is, She doesn't need any effort to draw fascination her way, A walking enigma who pulled me towards her. The tone of... Continue Reading →


Behind the flowing curtains, Is where you stand, Looking out the open window, Standing in your sweats, Stargazing, The cool breeze plays with your hair, Like the moon hidden behind the clouds, I hold you tight, Hugging you from the back, Show me what you're looking at too, These constellations you're so fascinated by, I'd... Continue Reading →

High off Love

Her tongue slid over me, Parted lips fitting mine, Stifling my breath, A pill she split, She slips it in my mouth, A mini Xanax, She makes it dance in my mouth, Twirling her tongue around mine, Twisting up, Moulding in one like origami, Then she presses my mouth shut, Watching me expectantly and waits... Continue Reading →

Your Reflection

Your reflection in the huge mirror by the dresser, I can see you look at me with sideway glances, When you put on that silver dress with laces, One that accentuates your silhouette, Apply your coral matte lipstick, Wear earrings that dangle about hypnotically as you sway your head, And a necklace that you tie... Continue Reading →

In The Clouds

'Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. Have a pleasant flight!', The service announcement echoes loud and clear inside the cabin, I dread these journeys, I yawn sleepily preparing myself for the long six hours before me, While the stewardess gestures instructions with her elaborate hand movements, I lazily look around, I'm trapped between two... Continue Reading →

Insatiable Greed

She's sitting on the couch next to me, Behind the drawn curtains, the sun is setting in the horizon, Descending slowly and painting the world a mellow orange, I can't stop myself from turning her to face me, You can watch your dramas some other time, Look at me for now, She smiles coyly and... Continue Reading →


It was just another one of those boring days, I was out playing football when my phone suddenly beeped, It was a text from you, My face lit up as I read what you had to say, Your house was now empty, It was to be that way for a couple more hours at the... Continue Reading →

Middle of the Night

In the middle of the night, When I was already deep asleep, I could feel something graze my thighs, Something soft and delicate, Being touched by something and I felt colder, More exposed somehow, Being held by someone in the dark while I couldn't still comprehend this feeling, It's both warm and cool at the... Continue Reading →

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