You seem to be struggling lately, The furrows deep in your brow, And withered up skin, Is quite telling in itself. I've been watching you for quite some time now, But there's something different about you. You've changed, In more ways than one, Become so disturbingly silent, And unaware, You wander around mindlessly, It's gotten... Continue Reading →


Lately, I've been feeling oddly different, It's a bit difficult to explain, But I didn't tend to overthink things a lot before, Nor was I so easily moved to tears over the littlest of things. I'm not quite sure what it is, But recently, My heart feels heavier, Tears always threaten to flow down, I'm... Continue Reading →


Forever, That's such a beautiful word, Made all the more beautiful when it's your lips it escapes from, Sincerity in your sparkling eyes, With my tired head resting on your lap, Feeling your tranquil heartbeat, You utter it best. The promises we bind together to that magical word, A sentiment of constancy we make in... Continue Reading →

Passing Winter

Somewhere under the dark sky, Inside a house which is a home, On the bed and across the sheets, Lie two people, It's us, Backs against the frame of the bed, Cushioned by two pillows, My hand is across your shoulder, Stroking your back up and down, This is always my favorite part of the... Continue Reading →

The Eternity Together

A warm rush of air in my ear, You are lying beside me, Breathing in my ear, A hand across my chest, Still asleep, Your hair strewn untidily across your face, Your dress in wrinkles, And your makeup smudged, Yet you look ethereal, I could stare at you all day and not get tired. Just... Continue Reading →

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