Amidst the sound of papers turning, The occasional groans from the girl in my room, She sits beside me in bed, A lock of hair messily strewn in front of her right eye, She brushes it impatiently behind her ear, Looking down the same book as me, Each time I feel her hand rub against... Continue Reading →

A Detour

The clock struck midnight while her outstretched leg lay on my lap, She's concentrating on the book set out in front of her, Trying to cram a semester's worth in a night for the test tomorrow. She's obviously clueless of how distracted her slender dark legs have got me. With a yawn, she looked over... Continue Reading →

Back to School

In this lazy morning with the birds chirping and the sun shining, I wake up with a rare enthusiasm. These days, rather than just sleeping in, the thought of being awake and rushing off to school seems more tempting. Taking a quick shower and putting on that smart uniform, I head off to school after... Continue Reading →

A Study Break

As I sit behind a table with a book placed atop, You are casually laying on a bed peering over your shoulder into that book. You called me over to study for the exams beginning next week. Your mom walks in with your favorite plate of snacks, She says she's going to go out for... Continue Reading →

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