Drowning, In my thirst, Of you, It takes over me completely, Seeing you, In front of me, Wearing what you're wearing, You know it drives me crazy, This temptation for yourself, You build it up so masterfully, I know it gives you a thrill, Watching me fall for you like this, A bit more, With... Continue Reading →


In this dark room she's locked me in, From evening fall, It's now almost 12, Still no signs of her, Did she forget about me? Keeping my wrists bound, Tied down to the couch, Completely immobile, Looking at the door every few seconds, Only thing I can do is wait for her to return. After... Continue Reading →

Bound Up

At the end of a short nap, While slowly opening my eyes, A light yawn, Trying to cover it up with a hand only to realize they're bound. With a quick look around, My wrists and legs are tied up to the frame of the bed, The lights are dim, Vanilla scented candles fill the... Continue Reading →

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